Tinder, Fatigue & Lost Hopes – Game Studies, Online Dating & Gamification. Audio Latino + Subs. 1/3

0:00 – Video Questions
0:23 – Intro
05:49 – The Tinder Fatigue and Desperation – Solovyeva & Laskin, 2022.
07:20 – the Hot or Not Principle
08:30 – Gamification: creating Avatars like in RPGs
09:11 – Gaming with the Dating Profiles. Mission: Matches
10:12 – Gamified Empowerment for Dating
10:55 – Ghosting: The Sozialization of Dating
12:08 – The Gamified FOMO in Dating
13:28 – Self-created Expectations
14:39 – Conclusion: Gamification of Online Dating
15:18 – Conclusion: Overload and Loneliness in Online Dating
Here I discuss:
► Tinder App
► Bumble App
Dating Apps such as #tinder , #bumble or #lovoo have come to stay. With their playful and stimulating interaction possibilities, they empower us to create our game-like personas to go into the ultimate mission of securing the Most matches (High Scores?) possible. But as in any game (or app?), not all players are equally skilled, and some leave the game out of frustration, evaluathe their game strategy, and come back with better photo and bio text perks – only to lose again.

How can dating apps be seen from a Game Studies perspective? How do apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Lovoo operate with a #gamification principle and make us feel we play for matches? What happens to those who lose in this "Game of Love" and the frustration that comes with it?

Hi! I'm Eduardo, M.A. in Computer Game Studies. Welcome to the 1st part of this video series!
Academic Source:
• Solovyeva, Olga, & A. Laskin. "Gamification, Tinder Effect, and Tinder Fatigue: Dating as a CMC Experience." The Emerald Handbook of Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Media, 2022.
Video inserts:
• https://youtu.be/ICpQ1PtX_0A
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• https://youtu.be/ziNAzl-ODwQ
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• https://youtu.be/qYznbR685f0
• https://youtu.be/qYznbR685f0
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• https://youtu.be/wYz6vePfEQs
• https://youtu.be/7h3iZNW4hwU
• https://youtu.be/g5Q9Z21i0LQ
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