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Get "The Man God Has For You" here 👉 – You can’t make him into a man…I was asked the question "Is it a woman’s job to make him into a man?" Listen in, hear my breakdown, and then share your thoughts in the comment section below.

"Unless he is your son, you can't raise a man, and you shouldn't have to."

Have you asked yourself, "Is it my job to make him into a man?" or "Should a woman be the one to build up a person to be a man?"… Well it's time to learn that this is more than likely not the case. Be sure to listen, like, and subscribe! Oh and leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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"You can't raise a man. You should not attempt to make him in to a man. That approach leads to you focusing more on his growth, and neglecting your own."

There is nothing wrong with loving and supporting a male friend on his journey to become his best self. But that shouldn’t be done in the context of a romantic relationship. I hope this video helps with this topic of why you can’t make him into a man. I hope this video provides you the clarity that you need and give you a clear understanding of how to establish a healthy relationship.

"But the reality is for every one story where there was a success I can show you a thousand more where there was hurt, damage and disappointment."

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I hope you enjoyed my video "It’s NOT Your Job To Make Him Into A Man"

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