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Get "He's Lying Sis" here 👉 – They want you but not a relationship. He wants to hookup with you but he doesn't want anything serious. Do they have commitment issues? This can go both ways, so men and women need to watch this video!

Hooking up can be tempting, but if you know you desire real love, and a real relationship, then you should not entertain someone who isn't serious about you…

Don't make this about commitment issues, because even if that's the case, then that is an issue they need to resolve on their own. Many will use that as a cop out, or to gain some sympathy to keep you holding on to a relationship that simply isn't going anywhere.

If you are asking any of the following questions:
– He doesn't want a relationship what to do
– He doesn't want anything serious
– He doesn't want a relationship right now
– He doesn't want a title
– He doesnt want a commitment
– Online dating tips
– Dating coach for women
– Dating expert
– Relationship expert
– Life coach
and more, well I believe this relationship advice for women video will give you the clarity you need.

I provide dating advice for women and dating advice for men. I pray you find this video helpful and be sure to subscribe to my channel.



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I hope you enjoyed my video "They Want You But Not A Relationship…"

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