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Teen Dating Violence PSA – Southern Valley Alliance







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Let's end domestic violence together.
*CONTENT WARNING* The content and topics shared in this video may affect individuals differently based on lived experiences.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1 in 3 adolescents have experienced some form of relationship abuse.

One of our goals at Southern Valley Alliance is to educate teens and young adults about the characteristics of unhealthy and abusive relationships and empower them to talk to a trusted adult if they are questioning aspects of their relationship or need help. By promoting awareness, sharing warning signs, and encouraging individuals to create healthy personal boundaries, we take a step towards preventing and stopping the cycle of abuse.

Domestic violence/dating abuse is an epidemic affecting individual’s in every community, regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, economic status, gender, or sexual orientation. Southern Valley Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and support for all victims of domestic violence in Scott and Carver Counties, in Minnesota.

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Mike Kelley, Sound
Chelsey Klein, Producer
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